Salman Khan's Tubeliight movie copied from Hollywood movie "Little Boy"

Recently Salman Khan released the trailer of his upcoming movie Tubelight which is releasing this Eid. I know we all liked the trailer but this time too Salman Khan copied a film. 

Salman Khan has copied all his movies from South Indian cinema before but now he just gone to another level and this time he has copied a Hollywood movie. Yes the movie Tubelight is the copy of the Hollywood movie "Little Boy" which was released in 2015. The whole storyline is copied from this Hollywood movie in which the kid tries to save his dad and stop the world war with some special powers. But the movie "Little Boy" had a kid performing the lead role. Of course Salman khan cannot look like a kid but from the trailer it seems he behaves like a kid(a challenged person).

Have a look at the Trailer from "Little Boy"

We all love Salman Khan but all these years what he does is just copies films Come on where does the creativity has gone? Even big stars copies the films to earn quick bucks! I guess Bollywood will never learn to make a film like Baahubali but they have quite learn a lot on how to copy the original films so that they do not need to spend money on writers and creativity.