Google has changed the way we use Copy and Paste into the Gboard app

Google today rolled out updated to its Gboard keyboard app to all the Android users. The new update will make the edit/copy/paste easier for the users.

This update was rolled out to a few beta users before but it is now available to all users. You can access this feature from Google icon or the arrow on the top left corner on your Gboard keyboard. After you hit the arrow/google icon you will see '<I>' symbol which you need to tap to see the new copy/paste/select feature.

You can use arrow keys pointing to left, right, up and down to select the texts. There are also buttons for Copy, Cut, Select, Select All and Paste on the board which makes easier to edit the text. This seems to be easier to use than the previous method of using fingers to select the texts which was quite inaccurate. 

This update is only available for Gboard app for Android for now. This keyboard app is available for iOS too but this feature is not available for iOS yet.