Prison Break Season 5 Episode 3 Summary

Michael failed to escape the prison this time!


After escaping many prisons on previous seasons Michael tried to escape the Ogygia prison but failed and got caught!What can we expect he cannot just escape in the 3rd episode!

Michael delivers the message to his brother using some child via passing him a paper plane and a bubble gum inside plane with a message.That little child calls him a "Bubble Gum" man. After that little child delivers message to Michael's brother they try to decode the message and finds that it is map of a location where he will arrive after the break! But Michael failed to escape and got caught with his comrades.

On the escape Michael tries to trick Ramal and escapes without him so we guess there is going to be ruckus between the two in next episodes and Ramal may try to kill Michael.
After getting caught up Michael records message for Sara saying how much he loves her!

On the other side someone hacks Sara's phone and try to get the information about contacts being made by Michael. After Sara finds out that her phone is hacked she goes to the phone repair store and tries to find who hacked her phone.

After the repair guy told her that the phone was unlocked by her own fingerprint she suspects  Paul Kellerman for hacking her phone. Also T-Bag tries to meet Sara and convince her to reunite with him to find out about Michael aka Kaniel Outis.

Also, the guys who previously tried to attack Sara followed her again but she somehow manages to escape.